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Lutheran Worship

Lutherans can be found all over the world, and Lutheran worship has many different styles of worship.  Zion generally follows a liturgical style.  Lutheran worship can be understood in four key ways: Gathering, Word, Meal and Sending.

In the Gathering we confess our sins together and together we  receive forgiveness. We gather in song and prayer as a way of responding to God’s call which brings us together. 

In the Word we hear the rich treasure of Scripture proclaimed by readers and preachers. A three year cycle of readings provided portions of the Hebrew Scriptures, the New Testament letters and the Gospel texts for each week. We encounter the Word in many forms, including a spoken message from the Pastor, a children’s message, a hymn sung, a creed proclaimed and prayer shared on behalf of the church.

In the Meal we encounter the Word in a different form, in that of the sacrament of Holy Communion, where we believe Jesus is present in, with and under the bread and wine. We share God’s peace with one another and then offer to God signs of our time and talents. The table is then set for the meal, and dinner prayers are offered in spoken and sung world. All are welcomed to the table that Jesus prepares, and we are united with God as all our senses are engaged in the sacramental act.

In the Sending, we sing of God’s goodness and receive a blessing from the Pastor that prepares us to depart from this place into the world. As we sing our final song, our attention is drawn to the back of the sanctuary, for now we are sent out to the world to speak the good news we have heard, to care for all those in need.

Come join us!

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